Feudal Orlanthi

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Wed 04 Aug 1999 - 11:53:14 EEST

David Dunham:

Me>> David Weihe was speaking in terms of feudalism which is different
>> than the clan deciding that a Humakti within their clan has rights
>> to till a certain steed. So simply remarking 'prestige' does not
>> answer the question at all. Why would a clan alienate some of its
>> own lands to give to a Humakti?

>I've forgotten the specifics of the original question, but Orlanthi
>are not feudal.

To quote a well-known digest poster "duh". This is why I posed the
question in the first place!

>With all due respect, I doubt you've played a farmer game.

With even less respect, read the question thoroughly before
attempting an answer. In particular, reread the first quoted
sentence of mine in this post.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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