GenCon UK HW Qs.

From: Nick Hollingsworth (
Date: Wed 04 Aug 1999 - 15:59:12 EEST

danny bourne:
> the Chaos Room will be running tournaments for
> ... Issaries Inc's Hero Wars ...

Should the Hero Wars entry read 'demos' rather than 'tournaments'?
Will there be Hero wars games on most days and if not then, once you
have a plan, can you let us all know which days?

Will the rules be presented in the same level of detail as at
Convulsion, or do we get to see a fuller version?

Do Issaries Inc need any help for the con, or is everything in hand?

Apologies to everyone if this is Off-Topic, but I expect there are
a lot of UK based subscribers to this list who could be interested
in more info about this chance to see HW again and show it off to
the uninitiated.

Nick H


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