A Copy of WYRMS FOOTNOTES 10 for Sale....Update

From: Michael Cule (mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk)
Date: Wed 04 Aug 1999 - 19:54:51 EEST

As previously indicated I have a copy of WF 10 for sale. The current high bid
is Ralph Plowman with a bid of 10 pounds. Auction ends Sunday.

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Michael Cule

Actor And Genius
AKA Theophilus Prince Archbishop Of The Far Isles Medieval Society
Arms Purpure An Open Book Proper: On the Dexter Page an Alpha Or
On the Sinister an Omega Or. Motto Nulla Spes Sit in Resistendo
(Resistance is Useless). Ask me about the Far Isles:
Better Living through Pan-Medieval Anachronisms.


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