Re: New Products

Date: Wed 04 Aug 1999 - 21:34:13 EEST

On the last issue of the Digest, our friend Eric Rowe wrote:

> Thanks to Heroic efforts on the part of the Reaching Moon (all
> Hail!) and Moon Design Publications the Wizard's Attic will have
> available at GenCon (though not right away) the new Pavis &
> Big Rubble Book, as well as Tarsh War and the incredibly
> useful Meints index 2.

    And that's of course all swell and dandy, but I won't be really content
until HW is officially released as well. In just two months' time I kind of
_expect_ Eric to say: "New products -- HERO WARS, the Role Playing Game,
Introduction to Glorantha" (... and, what the heck, why not throw in the
Orlanthi Players Book right away, too?).
    I won't ever blame anyone of you for being a nostalgic RQ2 adherent.
After all, I ordered a copy of the new "Pavis" book, too, and I'm probably
going to use it in my gaming group with RQ rules only, but I'm also very
consciously looking ahead, especially now that we're getting closer & closer
to the (promised?) October deadline. If Issaries are going to postpone it
again, well ... what am I to do??

    (A still impatient) Norbert


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