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The Glorantha Digest wrote:

> From: David Cake <>
> Subject: chaos in glamour
> I think that there are a small number of broos and scorpion men who
> wander the streets of Glamour - probably numbering in the dozens at most in
> a city of more than a million.

As I'm currently running a campaign with A Humakti Broo in it as a major
NPC, my own thoughts on the subject:

There's a lot of (unfortunately well-founded) prejudice against the
species as a whole. They really are loathsome, diseased, and given to
practicing abominations - in the main. IMHO The very few exceptions
there are are actively discriminated against in even the most tolerant
societies. It's not so much that there's legal discrimination (as in the
bizarre racial laws of the former South Africa) as that "everyone knows"
you can get loathsome diseases from just being in the same room as one.
Much like Australia or the US South in the 40's.

The Humakti Broo in question is really almost of Rune status in
abilities, is Honourable to the point of Obsession, voluntarily abides
by a whole slew of Humakti Geasses, but is still a mere initiate, and
likely to remain one until he does something so Heroic it can't be
ignored. His Swordbrother's a Duck, who himself suffered discrimination
(being assigned a broo as a swordbrother was merely the latest in a long
line of snubs and slights).

While desperately trying to remain on-topic and Gloranthan as opposed to
RPG-oriented, having such a character around is a great way of exploring
the murky realms of prejudice and unconscious racial intolerance that
are found in all but the most saintly.

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