Re: Pol Joni survival in Chaparral

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 03 Aug 1999 - 18:01:15 EEST

Nick replying to Peter:

>> The Grazers herds can survive in chaparral but so can Brontosaurs.
>> Suprisingly the barbarian horde cannot but I don't have Nomad
>> Gods and so I can't tell whether this is significant or not.

> I imagine this is a lingering inconsistency in "Dragon Pass",
> the kind of thing which should have been cleared up decades ago.

I suppose that the Pol Joni (and other Barbarian Horde clans) know they
don't need their herds to survive in fertile Dragon Pass, so they don't
take them along while raiding. Too bad no herds were supplied for them

with Nomad Gods...

After all, the other major tribes of Prax don't survive in Chaparral
either, but have to rely on their herds. Only the Independent Tribes
include their own herds (even though the new edition includes
independent herds of Zebra and Rhino), and IMO the Barbarian Horde is
too numerous to qualify as such.


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