Humakti vs Land and Prestige

From: David Weihe (
Date: Fri 06 Aug 1999 - 02:44:13 EEST

> David Dunham:
> Me>> Surely a Humakti would simply be content with a life as a Huscarl
> >> in the service of his chief or king? What's the point of giving them
> >> land if they are going to be utterly useless at working it?
> >Prestige. The Humakti would get some cottars or carls to work his
> >lands, and would thus have clients who would support him.

Also, "giving" (really just assigned, but then that's all that English
barons had, too) the Humaktis their own lands make them spend time running

their plots and distracts them from wandering off during a brief spell of
peace. Besides, many were originally culturally Orlanthi and still have
landholding as a goal in the back of their minds.

My original idea was just to avoid having to pay them with specie, when
it isn't all that plentiful (at least compared to the total Humakti salary
requirements). If you pay them in actual cattle they must have some place
to put the animals until merchants can monetarize the assets, etc.

Obviously, this is done when a clan or tribe or kingdom has more land
than they absolutely need, whether due to incredible fertility or local
population crashes. Especially, if the land is disputed, since having
Humakti there is better than having your enemies wander in and squat.

PS: Why would a humakti be content with life serving some BlowHard chief,
anyway? The God Himself turned his back when he decided that the Storm
Tribe were too dishonorable (in the Humakti myths, at least, which is all
that the Humakti will care about). High pay might tend to make them less

likely to pay attention to that wandering Sword talking about the war in
the next valley when you expect one a year out.

PPS: Humakti aren't useless at farming, they just aren't as effective at
it, even if they try to approach it efficiently, as the average Orlanth
Adventurous or Hedkoranth warrior, let alone Barntars. Thus, this practice
doesn't threaten to overturn Orlanthi society on a short-term basis.


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