Glamourous Broo Spawn

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G'day all,
Glamourous Broo Spawn

David Cake:
> I think that there are a small number of broos and scorpion men who
>wander the streets of Glamour - probably numbering in the dozens at most in
>a city of more than a million. They are not actively discriminated against,
>and most mix in the highest parts of society (as its only the Lunarised
>elite that accepts them at all).

These sound like some sort of broo elite, however I think there is also
large *underclass* of chaotics living in (and in the sewers *under*) the
streets of Glamour. Chaotics throughout the Empire gravitate there, because
as David suggests, Glamour is probably the only place in the Empire where
chaotics are not persecuted. Nevertheless, most chaotics can only survive
in Glamour by begging, thieving and other criminal activities, because few
people are willing to employ them.

Reaching Moon's "Rough Guide to Glamour" notes that broos and their spawn
operate the public conveniences in the city; this is one of the few
legitimate jobs they can get, because such positions are in the gift the
Teelo Norri sisters who look after their welfare. There's an evocative
Simon Bray pic of one such broo lav attendant carrying a mop in the book.



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