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Peter Metcalfe wrote:

> Humakt is a death god, not a god of honor.

Of his two defining acts, one involved death, the other honor.
"Humakt idealises the honourable intentions and beliefs of the air
gods with a single-minded intention and direction. Honour to Humakt
is like air to the other storm gods, and as long as honour and storm
raged together than Humakt was foremost among the fighters of his
family." [Wyrms Footprints p.69]

It's true that people don't say "we need more honor in the clan,
let's worship Humakt" in the way they would worship him to gain war
magic, but he's still a god of honor.

> >Aggar does have Orlanth worship, within the Glowline.
> Aggar is within the Glowline?

I've always assumed that at least parts are, given that all of Tarsh
is, and Tarsh is further than Aggar from Glamour. As well as having
been part of the Empire for longer, I believe.

But I can't remember a map with the entire Glowline, which would
clarify the issue.

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