Glorantha Digest: Re: Humakti vs Land and Prestige

Re: Humakti vs Land and Prestige

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sun 08 Aug 1999 - 01:41:17 EEST

David Weihe:
> Also, "giving" (really just assigned, but then that's all that English
> barons had, too) the Humaktis their own lands [...]

Well, true in a sense in each case, but that isn't to say that the
'assigning' is at all comparable. Subinfeudination is notionally in
perpetuity, and involves some having-duty legal oaths on both sides.
A chief assigns land (notionally) at his discretion, and whilst it
may become long-established by custom, is never a legal fact.

> Besides, many were originally culturally Orlanthi and still have
> landholding as a goal in the back of their minds.

Well, Humakti _are_ culturally Orlanthi, but landholding per se, in this
sort of pseudo-feudal sense, isn't part of Orlanthi culture. It's
possible that many want to retire as carls, but I don't think one
realistically can 'accumulate' land and cattle that you don't actually
farm and tend in the way you describe as a means of accomplishing this.

I suspect a common 'plan' is: become a huscarl; use your influence
with the chief to wangle benefits (including perhaps rights to land
and cattle) for your kin; bore them to death in your retirement
with tales of your prowess, feet up in the family stead.

(Someone will doubtless tell us how this will or won't work in clans
where Humakti are customarily without kin.)

> PS: Why would a humakti be content with life serving some BlowHard chief,
> anyway? The God Himself turned his back when he decided that the Storm
> Tribe were too dishonorable (in the Humakti myths, at least, which is all
> that the Humakti will care about).

I believe the correct refutation to such thinking is the Humakt the
Champion myth. David, is Greg going to publish this at some stage,
or does everyone have to make you an even wealthier man by buying
KoDP? ;-) (Cool myths on CD, with a free computer game attached! <gdr>)

> PPS: Humakti aren't useless at farming, they just aren't as effective at
> it, even if they try to approach it efficiently, as the average Orlanth
> Adventurous or Hedkoranth warrior, let alone Barntars. Thus, this practice
> doesn't threaten to overturn Orlanthi society on a short-term basis.

In short, they're about the worst possible choice as farmers, this
side of Babs Gori?



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