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Date: Mon 09 Aug 1999 - 03:15:45 EEST

Ian ( mailing from work.
Remember ages ago a discussion in which it seemed generally accepted
that it could be a good thing if the Chalana Arroy Resurrection Ritual
included a minor Quest in the manner of the LBQ?
I thought about that a lot, especially the fact that Resurrection Spells
are also generally accepted as pretty much working when you use them.
So I thought that if there is a Quest involved, the challenge must be
performing it with feeling and integrity, rather than having to face
loads of potentially crushing challenges.
Anyhow, its taken me months to do the research and the writing, and I've
produced a detailed scenario which is basically a low-level Quest
re-enactment of a ritualised version of the LBQ.
It is a HeroPlane journey rather than a mundane plane ceremony, so I
guess it can be used as an introduction to Questing because the
participants are protected by the Rune Magic, and by the fact that what
they are doing is an accepted Quest under the Gods' Compromise.
Certainly it will have to be adapted to your preferred set of HeroQuest
Rules, I've actually written my own, however even those who might
totally detest the way I've done this Quest, I would hope can still use
the large amounts of official Gloranthan Lore I've included, as a basis
to do their own rewrite. (Providing they like the initial premis.)
No doubt I will be editing, expanding and otherwise tweaking over the
coming weeks before I put it on site. Nonetheless draught 1 of this 50
page Word 6 piece is available (zipped) on request from me -
The House Rules on HeroQuests are already sitting at:
(and /
I would certainly also appreciate any constructive feedback.


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