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Date: Mon 09 Aug 1999 - 06:09:35 EEST

> From: Alex Ferguson <>
> Subject: Re: Humakti vs Land and Prestige
> David Weihe:
> > PS: Why would a humakti be content with life serving some BlowHard chief,
> > anyway? The God Himself turned his back when he decided that the Storm
> > Tribe were too dishonorable (in the Humakti myths, at least, which is all
> > that the Humakti will care about).
> I believe the correct refutation to such thinking is the Humakt the
> Champion myth. David, is Greg going to publish this at some stage,

Interesting that it's put that way, because KoS says (paraphrasing) that when Humakt obtained Death, he recognised it for what it was, knew what he was about to do, and, before he killed Grandfather Mortal, used it to sever his ties from the Storm tribe so they would not be held responsible for his actions. For this Orlanth honors him and still allows him a place at his Ring.

I kind of like that version better because it explains why Humakt is not strictly speaking a Storm God (with a capital S), but is still worshipped and accepted in the Pantheon.



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