Humakti and Honor

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Date: Mon 09 Aug 1999 - 10:04:55 EEST

>From: David Dunham <>

Me>> Humakt is a death god, not a god of honor.

>Of his two defining acts, one involved death, the other honor.

For some weird definition of honor.

>"Humakt idealises the honourable intentions and beliefs of the air
>gods with a single-minded intention and direction.

Air gods have honorable intentions and beliefs? Thinking of
such storm gods like Storm Bull (who let down Genert by not
appearing at an important battle), Valind, Vadrus and Ragnaglar,
only an Eurmali would describe their conduct as honorable.
Orlanth is honorable but he is not typical of air gods.

>Honour to Humakt
>is like air to the other storm gods, and as long as honour and storm
>raged together than Humakt was foremost among the fighters of his
>family." [Wyrms Footprints p.69]

Bunkum says I as should anybody with the faintest understanding of
the Storm Age. A much better definition of Humakt in Orlanthi society,
according to KoS p51, is that he is the God of "War and Death, and of
all Endings. He even severed his family connections with the Storm
Tribe to maintain his purity of purpose".

- --Peter Metcalfe


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