Pol Joni cattle in Prax

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Date: Mon 09 Aug 1999 - 12:18:23 EEST

Peter Metcalfe asks:
>If any old cattle can survive on the chaparral, then what good then is=20=
Waha's covenant?
It might be useful to point out that to survive is not necessarily to thrive=2E=20=
 Animal's dietary needs vary by the time of the year and it might be that the=20=
Pol Joni cattle can survive at certain seasons on the chapparal=2E Then again=20=
it might be that they _would_ be able to survive all year round were it not=20=
for their inability to successfully compete with the better-adapted true=20=
Praxian animals=2E Either of these factors would lead to the Pol Joni being=20=
limited to certain areas; either where seasonal migration back to superior=20=
pasture was possible or where the tribes were able to mount at least a=20=
partial defence against inward migration by bisons, sable or whatever=2E

I'll see if I can find the description of chaparral in my old ecology text=20=
book=2E I seem to recall it's a fairly bushy terrain which is kept from=20=
developing into forest mainly by the action of frequent brush fires=2E

By the way, do we have any information on the other Barbarian Horde clans=20=
apart from the counters in Dragon Pass? I rather assumed that "Barbarian=20=
Horde" was an outdated term equating to "Pol Joni tribe" and that the=20=
counterbacks could be read as "Pol Joni clan of the Pol Joni tribe", "Amber=20=
Clan of the Pol Joni tribe" etc=2E Am I wide of the mark?

Richard Crawley


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