Dwarfs, disease and Runes

From: richc@sypte.co.uk
Date: Mon 09 Aug 1999 - 12:32:07 EEST

Well, my question about how drwafs fare when encountering disease went down=20=
like a lead submersible=2E I wonder if the transmission of diseases between=20=
Gloranthan species is influenced by the runes they are tied to? Thus a a=20=
plant-rune related elf may not be able to transmit bark spot to a=20=
man-rune-tied human but could infect the human farmer's wheat (or rice or=20=
hazia) with a similar disease=2E

This would be another reason to hate those man-beast Telmori (sorry Thomas)=20=
who can catch udder rot from raided cattle and later pass it on to humans who=20=
encounter them in the woods while engaged in perfectly legitimate wolf-hunts=2E

Richard Crawley


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