Re: Glowline

Date: Mon 09 Aug 1999 - 21:09:30 EEST

David Dunham:
<< I've always assumed that at least parts are, given that all of Tarsh
 is, and Tarsh is further than Aggar from Glamour. As well as having
 been part of the Empire for longer, I believe.>>

I have also assumed the same about Aggar. If you look at a map an imagine
where the moon would always be clearly visible then that is generally within
the Empire. Places that are in 'shadow', such as behind the Hungry Plateau,
behind Yolp (Talastar), behind the Tobros Mountains (Talastar), behind the
Rockwoods (Prax), beehind the Hydra Mountains (Ormsgone Valley) will never
be proper, within the Glowline, Empire. I would therefore put the bits of
Aggar in the shadow of the Autumn Mountains as non glowline.

If a were a hex map fanatic then I might try to work out where Temples of the
Reaching Moon might be within the Empire which (in DP at least) give out a 10

hex radius Glowline. Starting at Good Shore (which I think is the first
Temple of the Reaching Moon) it shouldn't take too many to cover the Empire.
Just a side thought/question:

When did the GLowline first appear?
Who created it?
Who is responsible for maintaining it?

Keith N

 But I can't remember a map with the entire Glowline, which would
 clarify the issue.


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