Evil Emp. & RT

From: Andrew Behan (andrew@RedBrick.DCU.IE)
Date: Tue 10 Aug 1999 - 02:51:34 EEST

> The Dara Happans aren't exactly looking out for a storm worshipper, but
> for a lethal rebel. This might just as well be a Yelmic noble from a
> house rivalling that of the emperor (or whoever gets to be Yelm).

>> Do the Solars have some sort
>> of toned-down storm god who could take this spot, like the way
>> Orlanthi use the local Elmal rep?

> If it was storm they're after they'd use the mate of Entekos, Doburdun
> the Thunderer. (Not known to Plentonius, see Gods Wall I-17.)

IIRC the "original" Orlanthi Emperor was Erlandus or some such. Orlanatus
was identified with RT by both side in the First Age. I find it hard to
believe that the identification is weaker for the Yelmies than by the

OTOH if the storm worshippers of Heortland or Brolia can call IG the Evil
Emperor, the Solars are presumably, equally capable of transferring the
identification to another foe.

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