Honourable Humakt

From: Andrew Behan (andrew@RedBrick.DCU.IE)
Date: Tue 10 Aug 1999 - 02:38:17 EEST

>>"Humakt idealises the honourable intentions and beliefs of the air
>>gods with a single-minded intention and direction.

As I understand it, honour plays a similar role among the Orlanthi to
contemporary contract. A person who is true to their word is
accorded greater trust and higher status, than one who does not. IMO
Humakt's Truth rune has the significance of trust and personal
truthfulness, or honour, rather than that of true knowledge or wisdom.

Anyway if we go back to the huscarl example I agree that they don't
hold land, but that makes them dangerous - they aren't stakeholders. They
may have no kin ties. All they have is their fighting ability, hardly
reassuring, and their word.

Sure the chief will vouch for them, but only because their word is good.

> Air gods have honorable intentions and beliefs?
> Orlanth is honorable but he is not typical of air gods.

Ragnaglar, Vadrus and even Storm Bull are social outcasts in the Orlanthi
pantheon. Orlanth is the typical air god, most of the others serve the
didactic purpose of showing failings to avoid.


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