Extent of Glowline

From: Kaselov-Sandberg (kaselov.sandberg@swipnet.se)
Date: Tue 10 Aug 1999 - 12:36:44 EEST

Keith N (and others) discuss the extent and range of the Glowline:

> But I can't remember a map with the entire Glowline, which would
> clarify the issue.
> >>

In fact there is such a map, albeit not very detailed. KoS, p 240-41
at least tells us that the Glowline covers the whole of Carmnia right
unto the Charg Wall and the wild hills of Brolia; makes a "bulge"

around Yolp Mtns; skirt the border between Sylila and Talastar (i.e:
the latter is outside the Glowline); wanders around the Autumn Mtns on
the northern side; _encloses the whole of Aggar_; covers Tarsh as per
the DP game; cover Holay, but not Balazar; covers Imther Mtns and
Tork; "wanders" along the eastern Hungry Plateau until reaching the
midpoint when it "races" to the north-east (just missing Molarisor)
and up to the Blue Moon Plateau.

>From the map it is impossible to judge how much of the northern-most
portions of the Empire the Glowline cover.

I can't back it up with facts; but I don't feel that that every
Reaching Moon temple need to be pin-pointed exactly "this or that"
number of hexes from each other. If placed in a symbolically or
mythically important location (or in a very potent magical location)
it might cover more area than if placed in a "less" important
location. Don't forget these temples connections with the conversion
of the populace. From CoP:

"As conversion proceeds, different lengthy rituals are performed which
will, after several years, firmly establish the Lunar presence by
allowing the light of the Red Moon to creep forward and engulfthe





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