Barbarian Horde

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 10 Aug 1999 - 10:47:10 EEST

Richard Crawley sans estoppel:

>By the way, do we have any information on the other Barbarian Horde clans
>apart from the counters in Dragon Pass? I rather assumed that "Barbarian
>Horde" was an outdated term equating to "Pol Joni tribe" and that the
>counterbacks could be read as "Pol Joni clan of the Pol Joni tribe",
>"Amber Clan of the Pol Joni tribe" etc. Am I wide of the mark?

They could bear that interpretation. However the correct interpretation
is that they are seperate tribes, at least according to Drastic Prax.

        Despite its common name, there are actually four distinct
        "subtribes" within the Pol Joni. Three Pol Joni clans are
        known, and they were the first people to enter Prax. There
        are two Amber clans, an Ansil clan, and a Potor clan each
        with their own story. None of these later groups claims
        any relation to the Pol Joni, but outsiders (including most
        Sartarites) group them all as part of a single tribe.
                                        Drastic: Prax p20.


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