Reeaching Moon

Date: Tue 10 Aug 1999 - 20:57:42 EEST

- - --Peter Metcalfe

<< *But the Old Wind Temple where Tatius tries to found the Temple of the
 Reaching Moon is a lot further than ten hexes away from the Glowline.
 So it might seem that a) he choose it in a special place, or b) he
 established a secondary temple somewhere in North Sartar.>>
 The impression that I get is that the Temples act like light bulbs connected
in series (ie christmas tree lights). If one fails, they all fail (see DP
Random Event 31 for the source of this impression.) I think that the size, 10
hexes, is probably just a game/map construct to give a moon for the bear of
Sartar to claw at. The map itself does not definitely prove that the area
created by each Temple is a circle.

If I had to plump for option a) or b) I'd go for b (justification: because it
would be high up). With a radius of 20hexes taking the glowline neatly from
the edge of the Tarsh Glowline, down the edge of the Grazelands, covering
northwards to Skyfall Lake.

Keith N


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