Hairsplitting the Glorantha Digest V7 #35

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sat 07 Aug 1999 - 15:55:02 EEST

>>Aggar does have Orlanth worship, within the Glowline.

Peter Metcalfe:
> Aggar is within the Glowline?

The map accompanying The History of the Lunar Empire: Third Wane in
Wyrm's Footnotes 13 shows the land outside shaded, but does include
Aggar. Besides, if Aggar was excluded, Tarsh would be fairly insular (or
peninsular) with its Glowline. Holay definitely lies within, as Griffin
Mountain tells us, without giving the locations of its Reaching Moon

>>> [Argrath's] intervening on the behalf of a prominent Lunar
>>> family which seems to suggest Lunars are still flavour of the
>>> month in Tarsh.

>>Argrath does not exactly intervene on behalf of the Fazzurites,
>>but to oppose Moirades and Pharandros.

> Which amounts to the same thing despite your attempts at
> hairsplitting.

Not quite. If the Fazzurites would have been left in power, I'd cede
your point, but after the conquest, they cease to appear in history. You

might as well say that Caesar interceded on behalf of the Haeduans
against the Helvetians, but that wasn't his motivation.

I don't doubt that Lunar religion persisted in parts of conquered
("liberated") Tarsh, after all it had three generations of continuous
use, and up to five on and off, to ingrain itself into the clan

>>I suppose that the Pol Joni (and other Barbarian Horde clans) know
>>they don't need their herds to survive in fertile Dragon Pass, so
>>they don't take them along while raiding.

> So they leave their herds behind for other Praxians to raid?

Do they take their women and children on these raids?

Do they leave them totally unguarded?

Of course the herds of any clan - Pol Joni or other Praxian - raiding in
Dragon Pass are less guarded than when the clans are in the Chaparral.
But not unguarded.

> _One_ magic bull does not make the entire Pol Joni cattle
> Pentan.

One magic bull's offspring will make up the majority of the herd pretty

> Secondly what about the other tribes of the Barbarian
> Horde: Amber, Potor and Ansil? Where do their cattle come from?

AFAIK the Pol Joni. IMO these are clans which split off the Pol Joni
when tribal size became unhandy, but I can cite no evidence for this -
all we know about these clans are their names. You might as well include

the retinues of the tribal shamans as other cattle barbarian clans.

> And evidence of their cattle's ability to survive on the chaparral
> is what? If any old cattle can survive on the chaparral, then what
> good then is Waha's covenant?

It allows the humans to survive. Any old herd beast can survive on the
chaparral. On the other hand, herd beasts as a food source for humans
(and the odd case of the Morokanth) require the magic of Waha's covenant
to maintain the numbers.

Besides, IMO the Pol Joni do practice the Peaceful Cut ritual for
Eiritha in the Praxian manner. The tribe was formed among others from
Praxian outlaws who most likely continued the rites - they were the ones
not desperate or uncaring enough to join the Wild Hunter.


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