Aggar and the Glowline

Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 00:40:39 EEST

Hello Friends,

there are three maps that give us a clue about the Glowline in Aggar.

You have to compare them to the Lunar Empire Map in the Glorantha Box of the
other game system...

1. KoS page 129
There is the most southern part of the Glowline, but it vanishes north of
Ormsgone Mountain.

2. KoS page 240
There you can see almost the complete Glowline, except the northern border
and the southern border.

3. KoS page 241
There is, again, the southern part of the Glowline visible, but in a slightly
bigger scale than on page 129 before.

It shows Aggar INSIDE the Glowline.




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