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Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 03:02:56 EEST

Alex Ferguson wrote

> ... the Humakt the
> Champion myth. David, is Greg going to publish this at some stage,
> or does everyone have to make you an even wealthier man by buying
> KoDP? ;-) (Cool myths on CD, with a free computer game attached! <gdr>)

A Sharp has licensed to Issaries the use of the new myths written for
King of Dragon Pass, including the heroquestable myths for Chalana
Arroy, Elmal, Ernalda, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Uralda, and yes,
Humakt. However, I doubt we'll be seeing them on paper in the near
future, so the computer game will be the best place to find them.
(BTW, King of Dragon Pass will probably ship in October -- I hope to
have something more definite to announce soon.)

Philip Grawe wrote

> KoS says (paraphrasing) that when Humakt obtained Death, he
> recognised it for what it was, knew what he was about to do, and,
> before he killed Grandfather Mortal, used it to sever his ties from
> the Storm tribe so they would not be held responsible for his
> actions. For this Orlanth honors him and still allows him a place
> at his Ring.

A pretty liberal paraphrase, since it's Eurmal who kills Grandfather
Mortal. But yes, Orlanth "has always respected Humakt for his honor."

Patrik Sandberg reminded me of the glowline map in King of Sartar.
Thanks! Sure looks like Aggar is entirely in the glowline -- and it's
pretty clear that the Aggari worship Orlanth despite this.

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