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> The question is addressed in Lords of Terror where it's stated that
> Mostali are immune to diseases.

> Making mostali subject to blindness, phobias,
> dementias, neuroses, pychoses, hirsute growths on their palms and
> other pathologies that can be transmitted by merely talking to a
> victim.

> I imagine the
> Bulges mentioned in Elder Secrets is an example of a plant
> disease that has managed to infect humans.

I recently had to examine this in a game: it had been ruled that the
juice from certain "healing plants" known to Chalana Arroi cultists
could help prevent disease (Pyrethrum daisies killing fleas). The
question arose as to whether Dwarves and Elves could have fleas.
As regards Elves - yes, they're Aphids. As regards Dwarves, probably
not, but they would be subject to all sorts of nasty parasites, moulds,
lichen growing on them etc.

Thus the indications of "Creeping Chills" etc could be different: An
elf's hair starts to droop, turn brown at the edges and curl, whereas a
dwarf might find green spots in his beard, and cracks in his skin. Some
diseases would not affect Dwaves or Elves, but OTOH, Concrete Cancer
would be greatly feared amongst the former, as would Dutchelm Disease
(named after a minor God) amongst the latter.
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