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Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 10:22:31 EEST

Keith wrote:

> If a were a hex map fanatic then I might try to work out where Temples
> of the Reaching Moon might be within the Empire which (in DP at least)
> give out a 10 hex radius Glowline.

*If* we assume each temple has a fixed circular radius, then isn't it likely
that these radii are (1) greater and (2) overlapping deep within the
Imperial heartlands?

Alex wrote:

> Surely the object isn't to 'cover' the Empire, but to form a 'line'
> around it? So granted to extends some way beyond the actual point-
> to-point line, but surely it's not necessary have them every 20
> 'hexes', and not all the way back to Glamour?

There is a temple to Yara Aranis (Goddess of the Reaching Moon) at Good
Shore, right next to Glamour. And IIRC the "Dragon Pass" random event of
glowline failure rather suggests that the power of the glowline is
transmitted from the centre of the Empire, through other temples, to the
Reaching Moon temples on the frontier, and that a temple failing en route
can black out the extremities.

See "Ye Booke of Tentacles" vol.2 transcript of the 1998 Lore Auction for
several pages of Sandy Petersen and Nick Brooke meandering around Reaching
Moon Temples and Glowlines, including powercuts, bubbles on the frontier,
draconic feng shui architecture, and the inadvisability of booking your
Moonboat flights on the day of the Dark Moon.

NB: IIRC, where the tape cuts out on p.89, MOB and Sandy and I were
speculating about Moonboat safety measures -- the ones the priestesses
demonstrate at the start of every flight, which experienced travellers like
the Coders ignore -- and how there's almost certainly a 2-point "Parachute"
rune spell matrix provided for every passenger in the event of an emergency

like a Glowline failure; and how, tragically, in the event of a Glowline
failure, you wouldn't be able to cast a 2-point Lunar rune spell in any
case... One for the MGFers among us, maybe?

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