Aggar history

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Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 15:03:27 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner

>> My understanding is that Aggar became Lunar-controlled about some
>> thirty years after Tarsh did.

>It wasn't an Orlanthi haven when Arim fled before Hwarin Dalthippa's
>conquests, or there would have been no need to risk crossing the

Because Trolls were kicking arse bigtime in Aggar then.

        "Halikiv expanded its borders in all directions for a time,
        expanding over the mountains which were impassable to humans
        and difficult even for trolls. Hunting parties regularly
        swept through the spruce woods south of the Mislari Mountains,
        harassing elves who lived there. They also raided the humans
        of the Aggar region so continually it was nearly abandoned by
                        Uz Lore p29

No precise date is given for this but it's bracketed between the
grand alliance of Guhan-Arolanit-Tanisor versus Jorstland (c. 1200)
and the rise of Retter the Stalker (c. 1350). So there's an
excellent reason why Arim would regarded Aggar as unsuitable.

>I think that Aggar was as much a part of the Provincial Kingdoms as
>Wales was a part of Norman England - on and off.

But the Lunar Provinces aren't established until after Palashee
Longaxe's revolt (c. 1550) well after Arim's time. Until then,
most of the southern kingdoms paid tribute to the Temple of the
Conquering Daughter.

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