Humakt & Honour

From: Andrew Behan (andrew@RedBrick.DCU.IE)
Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 21:37:14 EEST

> >>"Humakt idealises the honourable intentions and beliefs of the air
> >>gods with a single-minded intention and direction.
> >As I understand it, honour plays a similar role among the Orlanthi to
> >contemporary contract.

> But Orlanthi are only a subset of storm worshippers. The Gagarthi,
> the Sikkanosings and the Storm Bullies are not honorable. And they
> are better representatives of the average air god in the storm age
> than the honorable archetype claimed by Wyrms Footprints.

Not only are the Orlanthi a sub-set of air worshippers, the typical air
worshipper is an Orlanthi Orlanth cultist. Uroxi and Gargarthi are rare

and I have yet to hear of significant Gloranthan cults of such enemy gods
as Ragnaglar, Sikkanos and Vadrus.

I don't think it's to much to suggest that Humakt's mainstream Orlanthi
worshippers believe that their god shares their culture's concern for
honour even if his unworshipped or proscribed kin do not.

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