Re: CAttle in Prax

From: Chris Ward (
Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 21:50:57 EEST

Hi All,

I also think that it is MGF if cattle and horses can survive in Prax, but
agree they thrive less well under current conditions than "true Praxian"

The reason for this, I think comes down to the little discussed but
decisive Dung Spirits. These tiny fraction of a POW point spirits are
generated from the grass in the herbivores stomach. It is the Praxian
beasts dung spirits that keep the land more favourable to the traditional
beasts. Foreign beasts can survive but not prosper, unless the balance of
dung spirits turns in their favour.

The sole reason for suggesting this is to generate the MGF story line where
rival braves from Praxian and invader tribes try to spread their own beasts
dung on the plains whilst removing that of the invader's beasts. Praxian
poop scoops - the most important weapons. "Go on my son, cover yourself in

Course this form of eco-warfare could also take place between different
Praxian tribes.

See you - Chris


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