Humakt and Honor

From: Richard, Jeff (
Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 01:48:50 EEST

Hi there -

Just a few comments:

Peter> [An elderly huscarl devoted to honorable combat rather than death-
>> wish] Doesn't exist in Orlanthi society. Humakt is a death god, not
>> a god of honor.

OK, let's disabuse ourselves a bit about the Orlanthi concept of honor. For
the Orlanthi, the concept of honor contains two basic sub-concepts: that
their word is their bond (i.e., when they say that they will do something,
they will) and that they demand respect (i.e., if someone "disrepects" an
Orlanthi, he'll kill you). This conception of honor is essential to
Orlanthi society - in many ways it is the basis of their legal system.

Humakt is the god that embodies both aspects of honor - to an almost absurd
extreme. His word is his bond - Humakt never violates it. An oath sworn on
Humakt is a terrible thing, for to violate such an oath is to anger the god
of Death. Humakt also demands respect - see the Humakt the Champion myth.

>I doubt Vadrus is Ragnaglar since Greg was seemed to think that
>Uz Lore was committing a slur against Vadrus when it showed
>Ragnaglar's Land in Fronela/Bija during the Storm Age. Vadrus
>is obsessed with Violence and Destruction while Ragnaglar is
>obsessed with Sex and Destruction. So that's two gods, not one.

I agree. Vadrus is not Ragnaglar.



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