Re: Dwarf and Elf disease

Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 10:59:44 EEST

Dwarf and Elf disease:

Although Dwarves do not, officially, have diseases I believe they suffer from
malfunctions, fatigue failure, corrosion, faulty programming, and other
'broken' conditions. They probably need servicing, like a car. Well serviced
(orthodox) Mostali do not suffer from 'diseases' but those who do not follow
the Way of Mostal end up with dodgy second hand parts. This is what ends up
killing heretics. The worst thing that can affect a dwarf though is Growth.
It's so horrible that I don't want to think about it.

Elves clearly suffer from diseases like trees do. Other stuff growing on
them, insects eating them, bits snapping off etc. An old elf would be gnarled
and covered in the scars of life. Perhaps really old elves get rotton in the
middle and end up hollowed out. There's a horrible idea.

Keith N


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