Re: Glowline Answers

Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 10:59:24 EEST

Thanks for the Glowline feedback.
<<> When did the GLowline first appear?..1397>>
I feel that the Silver Shadow might have had similar effects before this,
being underneath the Moon and also, coincidentally, circular in shape. Could
she have simlpy extended the 'glow'? Is the 'spider' aspect of Yara Aranis
relevant to this web of Lunar Glow?

<< > Who created it?
  Yara Aranis, daughter of the Red Emperor with the Pentan Goddess of
 Tormented Death (commonly identified with Gorgorma), begotten for this
 special purpose.>>
Does it, therefore, scare horses in any way? Are Pentans particular Glowline

 <<> Who is responsible for maintaining it?
 The cult of Yara Aranis, a state supported venture. >>
So a part of Imperial power. Do White Moonies have an opinion about it? Or
Arrolians? I susupect they feel that is an unnecessary magical contrivance to
maintain a Dara Happan/Psuedo Yelm Empire and is opposed to the essence of
the Turning power of the Moon itself.
The point about the Glowline being 'a line around' as opposed to 'an area
around a Temple' has been taken, making much more sense.

Keith N


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