Humakti and Honor

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 11 Aug 1999 - 11:03:19 EEST

Andrew Behan:

>>"Humakt idealises the honourable intentions and beliefs of the air
>>gods with a single-minded intention and direction.

>As I understand it, honour plays a similar role among the Orlanthi to
>contemporary contract.

But Orlanthi are only a subset of storm worshippers. The Gagarthi,
the Sikkanosings and the Storm Bullies are not honorable. And they
are better representatives of the average air god in the storm age
than the honorable archetype claimed by Wyrms Footprints.

Me>> Air gods have honorable intentions and beliefs? [...]
>> Orlanth is honorable but he is not typical of air gods.

>Ragnaglar, Vadrus and even Storm Bull are social outcasts in the Orlanthi
>pantheon. Orlanth is the typical air god, most of the others serve the
>didactic purpose of showing failings to avoid.

So one god is "typical" and all other gods are not typical of the
air gods? This is a very convoluted usage of "typical", I'm afraid.

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