Humakt's Honourability

From: Mikael Raaterova (
Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 11:04:56 EEST

Peter said:
>>> Air gods have honorable intentions and beliefs?
>>Yes. Starting with Umath, whose words on KoS p.57 start with "Am I to
>>have no honor?"
>That is the Orlanthi viewpoint and I've admitted from the beginning
>that Orlanth is honorable. I do not believe that the Vadrudi would
>recall the same event as Umath acting with honor.

I thought we were discussing Humakt's honourability precisely from the
orlanthing viewpoint (at least i did). Whether Humakt is a god of honour in

a pan-gloranthan sense (or *gasp* objectively) is beside the point,

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