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Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 13:08:09 EEST

>From: "Nick Brooke" <>

>NB: IIRC, where the tape cuts out on p.89, MOB and Sandy and I were
>speculating about Moonboat safety measures -- the ones the priestesses
>demonstrate at the start of every flight, which experienced travellers like
>the Coders ignore -- and how there's almost certainly a 2-point "Parachute"
>rune spell matrix provided for every passenger in the event of an emergency
>like a Glowline failure; and how, tragically, in the event of a Glowline
>failure, you wouldn't be able to cast a 2-point Lunar rune spell in any
>case... One for the MGFers among us, maybe?

I did have the idea that since Moonboats were made in Darjiin, that
the actual crew of the moonboats were coarse, unruly and lewd
Darjiinians, who adorn their Moonboats with lewd images to be viewed
from below. Their emergency bouyancy magic would be to drop their
britches and make the sign of the Moon over the gunwales of the

Of course, Darjiinians being what they are, like to 'practice' this
over Dara Happan cities to shock the Dara Happans there. They _do_
take care to invoke some missile protection in case some Noble
decides to re-enact Lukarius's shooting down the Moon with bows
and arrows.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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