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Joerg Baumgartner:

>> _One_ magic bull does not make the entire Pol Joni cattle
>> Pentan.

>One magic bull's offspring will make up the majority of the herd pretty

It does not make it Pentan for the Pentans picked up their cattle
from Peloria.

>> Secondly what about the other tribes of the Barbarian
>> Horde: Amber, Potor and Ansil? Where do their cattle come from?

>AFAIK the Pol Joni. IMO these are clans which split off the Pol Joni
>when tribal size became unhandy, but I can cite no evidence for this -
>all we know about these clans are their names.

Drastic: Prax seems to think they have no relation.

>> And evidence of their cattle's ability to survive on the chaparral
>> is what? If any old cattle can survive on the chaparral, then what
>> good then is Waha's covenant?

>It allows the humans to survive. Any old herd beast can survive on the
>chaparral. On the other hand, herd beasts as a food source for humans
>(and the odd case of the Morokanth) require the magic of Waha's covenant
>to maintain the numbers.

I don't think so. Reviewing the myth of the Survival Covenant in the
Morokanth section, the point is made that the Herd Beasts can only
live off the Chaparral through their descent from Eiritha. Before
the Covenant, they couldn't eat the Chaparral at all.

>Besides, IMO the Pol Joni do practice the Peaceful Cut ritual for
>Eiritha in the Praxian manner.

They shouldn't. They would use the Uraldan Peaceful cut as Derik
Pol Joni of the Dundealos formed the rules of the tribe and would
have stipulated what rites to follow.

>The tribe was formed among others from
>Praxian outlaws who most likely continued the rites - they were the
>ones not desperate or uncaring enough to join the Wild Hunter.

The worship style of the Pol Joni is "Rune Gods" P&BR p60 thus
I think it very unlikely they would still be using Praxian or
even modified Grazer rites.

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