no horizon ?

From: Alain RAMEAU (
Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 13:32:53 EEST

     MOB wrote :
     "Like the ridiculous assertion in "Strangers in Prax" that Glorantha
     has no horizon[...]"
     I agree that "no horizon" is ridiculous [by the way, where is this

     asertion in Strangers in Prax ? I've got the book but I never really
     read it thoroughly !]
     But Glorantha is flat, so the horizon line as we know it on Earth
     would be somewhat different. For example, on Earth, even with the best
     binoculars, you won't be able to see beyond a certain point due to the
     curve of the Earth. But on Glorantha, with such a [dwarven] artefact
     or a high level vision enhancing spell, you should be able to see up
     to the extreme and steep end of the lands/sea [if any ?].

     Any other unusual effect caused by the flat land ?
     But maybe in fact Glorantha is not flat, and that's only a legend, as
     nobody never went that far ?


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