Re: Chaparral

Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 22:26:26 EEST

Peter Metcalfe
<< I like to think the Prax and the Wastelands is uninhabitable to most
 people because it has been damaged by Chaos and not because Eiritha
 Beasts modify the ecosystem to keep out competitors.

I have to agree with Peter on this point , although I can see the merits of a
more MGF "all animals are equal but some are more Eiritha than others"
approach. As a kind of compromise how about this:
Cattle and horses find it tough to survive on chaparral, but some manage to
survive and could prosper. However, they degrade the chaparral into even

worse terrain so that, eventually, they ruin Eiritha's bounty. Perhaps they
did this in Vultures Country in the Second Age? Of course, no one in
Glorantha may know this, they just have their ancient prejudices, but it
gives the MGF option without changing the 'damaged by chaos' premise.
Alternatively, it could be just cattle, not horses, that do this (or vice
versa). Cattle riding nomads would be a bit slow.

Keith N


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