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From: Eric Rowe (
Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 23:34:19 EEST

> I won't ever blame anyone of you for being a nostalgic RQ2 adherent.
>After all, I ordered a copy of the new "Pavis" book, too, and I'm probably
>going to use it in my gaming group with RQ rules only, but I'm also very
>consciously looking ahead, especially now that we're getting closer & closer
>to the (promised?) October deadline. If Issaries are going to postpone it
>again, well ... what am I to do??
> (A still impatient) Norbert

At GenCon greg showed off the Covers of the first two books and the
boxed set. He also stated that the rules and background books are
in editorial hands now, and should still go to the printer in October.
Some interior art is still needed I believe.

On a related note, Wizard's Attic now carries the two covers for the
first two Hero Wars books. They don't have numbers yet, but they are
white, with full color pictures. One portrays Orlanth and the other
is the Red Goddess. Both are battling each other for the middle air.
M-XXL $18. Bigger $20.

I expect their images will appear on the glorantha page soon.


Eric Rowe
Wizard's Attic


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