Re: Temples of the Reaching Moon

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 12 Aug 1999 - 02:19:51 EEST

Peter Metcalfe
>>> This would mean there would
>>> be some temples are at Filichet and Mirin's Cross.

Joerg Baumgartner
>>Saird will have at least one major Temple of the Reaching Moon - it
>>should be the source of the "Six-Armed Goddess of Saird" summoned by
>>Argrath to overcome Sheng Seleris.

Peter Metcalfe
> Mirin's Cross is in Saird.

Gosh. Any more shattering news?

> It's also capital of the Provincial
> Government so I think there would be a Temple to the Reaching
> Moon there.

Not necessarily within the city, unless - like Good Shore - it was
founded around a TotRM.

Alex Ferguson:
>>Surely the object [of the temples of the Reaching Moon] isn't to
>>'cover' the Empire, but to form a 'line' around it?

Neither - it was sort of an aggressive defense network.

>>So granted to extends some way beyond the actual point-to-point
>>line, but surely it's not necessary have them every 20 'hexes',
>>and not all the way back to Glamour?

Peter Metcalfe
> I think it runs from the Temple of Yara Aranis at Good Shore rather
> than Glamour.

Good Shore was only the second Temple of Yara Aranis. The first one was
in Glamour. However, the power may well run along the temples in

founding sequence.

> Secondly the structure of the Glowline is more of a
> web AFAIK than a rope around the Empire (mainly through Yara Aranis's
> similarities to a spider).

>From the description of Glowline failures, it must be either a branching
system, or have some sort of sequential order, to have Glowline failures
anywhere except in the damaged temple's radius and outlying temples like
the Tarshite one. I don't believe that one temple down means all the

Glowline gets off the net, unless you manage to strike at the heart of
the system. (And that might be (on) the Red Moon...)


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