RE: no horizon ?

From: T. Kurt Bond (
Date: Fri 13 Aug 1999 - 04:27:15 EEST

Alain RAMEAU writes:
> MOB wrote :
> "Like the ridiculous assertion in "Strangers in Prax" that Glorantha
> has no horizon[...]"
> I agree that "no horizon" is ridiculous [by the way, where is this
> asertion in Strangers in Prax ? I've got the book but I never really
> read it thoroughly !]

_Strangers in Prax_, p. 36, in a section pink boxed section entitled
"The Horizon on a Flat World" it says:

    "The Gloranthan sea has no horizon, at least not the kind seen on
    earth. [...] Glorantha is flat, so it has no horizon. Between
    the sea and the sky is only an indeterminate hazy band."

Later it says that no matter how powerful, a Farsee could not see
Pamaltela from Genertela.
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