Aggar, the Autumn Mountains, the Lead Cross HQ & HQ items littering the landscape

Date: Fri 13 Aug 1999 - 18:01:19 EEST

G'day all,

The Lunars may like to think that all of Aggar (the=
 important/Lunar bits of course) are covered by the Glow Line.=
 But do not forget the valiant freedom fighters of Kree Mountain.=
 King Rascius may have been seduced by the Red Whore of Chaos and=
 allowed the unleashing of General Roan-Ur and his Chaos Legions=
 into the Autumn Mountains with horrific results for the locals=
 but Orlanth and his kin survived the Great darkness and so will=
 the fighters on Kree Moutain. (Rumours of the destruction of=
 Roan-ur's vampire lieutenant, Nightwing, by a Lead Cross are=
 being fiercely denied by Provincial Headquarters).

This is based on the last rumour I heard that Kree Mountain had=
 been officially moved by Chaosium from Sartar to Aggar (events=
 in Life of Moonson suggest this is still true).

And since I was the Humakti who retrieved the Lead Cross in one=
 of the original tournament's teams the following thoughts have=
 occurred to me. Firstly back in the innocent days of RQ2 you did=
 not have to murder any healers [in the tournament it was just a=
 matter of defeating a Ragnaglar priest and storm demon familiar=
 (sent by Roan-Ur to get the cross first in order to keep=
 Nightwing in line) and getting to an ancient holy place up in=
 the mountains where the Lead Cross was stored - after all, once=
 you had got it you would not want to lose it].

Firstly. Do you have to murder your own healers i.e. Chalana=
 Arroy ? As a rebel why wouldn't you want to burst into the Queen=
 Deezola Red Crescent tents at the nearest military base and=
 murder as many Lunar healers and their patients as possible as=
 part of your HQ.

Secondly. Once you have got yourself a Lead Cross won't it just=
 end up in the tribal/clan/bloodline/temple treasury waiting for=
 the next time. Do these things just fade away if not covered=
 with Healers blood or actively used against undead ? Can the=
 Tales crew answer why haven't the Lismelder done this quest a=
 couple of times and solved their zombie problem a long time ago=
 ? This applies to any HQ/super magic item surely. Unless the=
 Hero who got it has to take it back on their death or after its=
 use ?

I'm curious about this, Andrew

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