Uses of Dung in prax *2

From: Chris Ward (
Date: Fri 13 Aug 1999 - 10:59:36 EEST

Hi All,

Following on from the dung spirits message,..

 I think the role of shit in Praxian culture has been under explored to
date. Think about it, the herd beast shit is formed through a union of the
direct gifts of the earth [grass etc] and the daughters of eiritha [the
herd beasts], surely it is the object of some reverence. [And remember
disease in Glorantha is not spread like RW disease].

>From it's source it is more linked to the Eiritha side of life than the
Waha side, so probably isn't used in a woad like fashion by the clan
warriors except perhaps on particular Earth related quests. However it _is_
applied by Praxian women as a sort of combined make-up and eau de toilet.-
"Oh my! is that 'Scent de Bison Shit' your wearing, doing something that
little bit special tonight are we ?"

As anyone who has come home to find their wife/sister/girlfriend/mother [or
boyfriend/husband - lets face it, this is the nineties] wearing a RW
facepack will know, this isn't all that farfetched.
- - Chris [with apologies]


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