visibility limits.

From: Steve Lieb (
Date: Fri 13 Aug 1999 - 15:58:07 EEST

> MOB wrote :
> "Like the ridiculous assertion in "Strangers in Prax" that Glorantha
> has no horizon[...]"
> But Glorantha is flat, so the horizon line as we know it on Earth
> would be somewhat different. For example, on Earth, even with the best

> binoculars, you won't be able to see beyond a certain point due to the

> curve of the Earth. But on Glorantha, with such a [dwarven] artefact
> or a high level vision enhancing spell, you should be able to see up
> to the extreme and steep end of the lands/sea [if any ?].

I doubt that you could see to the uttermost ends of the earth anyway - you
would eventually lose all clarity to haze. Sure, you could probably see a
bit further, but IMG I simply ruled that visibility - even with enhancements
- - is roughly limited the same as earth. Where in earth you are limited by
the curve and the object is simply not in view, I've ruled that in Glorantha
it's just not resolveable. Of course, haze decreases the further you get
from the ground, so the Lead Zeppelin might be visible at 40+ miles, where a
ship might only really be viewable at 20.

- -Steve


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