Wind Khans?

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 13 Aug 1999 - 21:34:04 EEST

Chris Bell:
> Cults of Prax also mentions that the the Pol Joni gave proper sacrifice at
> the Paps, and were accepted by the Prax Gods as the 'bastard' tribe of Prax.
> While they worship Rune Gods like Orlanth, I'd suspect that they also
> Praxian rites in a syncretistic Lightbranger-Praxian style of worship. At
> least as far as their cattle are concerned, the Pol Joni seem to practice
> Praxian magic. I'd suspect that you'd find both Orlanth Wind Lords and Waha
> Khans in the tribe.

I think they're syncretic, but not quite to _that_ extent: I reckon they
can worship at the Paps by essentially 'identifying' Uralda and Eiritha
(one may quibble about how explictly they do this, and by what name they
call her, etc, but I think the basic idea is sound); I don't think they
worship Waha, as such... At least not as their 'cultural hero': maybe
they have a more specialised butchery cult of Waha? (I know that's his
epithet anyway, but the Prxian cult is a good deal broader.)



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