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Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 01:33:54 EEST

These are just my ideas on my own interpretation of how the Lead Cross
HeroQuest should be enacted.

>Firstly. Do you have to murder your own healers i.e. Chalana
>Arroy ? As a rebel why wouldn't you want to burst into the Queen
>Deezola Red Crescent tents at the nearest military base and
>murder as many Lunar healers and their patients as possible as
>part of your HQ.

I don't think you have to murder your own Healers at all, but it needs to be
a Healer who ressurected someone. I am not sure if Deezola gets Ressurection
or not, while she has a Healing persona, I doubt she would qualify as a
"healer" per se in terms of the HeroQuest. But certainly a Humakti could go
and butcher some Errissa worshippers, but even the most die hard Lunar hater
would still have reservations about killing Healers. Note that Errissa is
the "daughter" of Chalana Arroy according to RoC (and vice versea if you
were in Dara Happa), and I feel somewhat that anyone with morals (i.e.
anyone other than the Humakti enacting the HeroQuest) would object to
killing any Healer. That's the point of that particular station, it's not as
if killing Healers is physically hard.

But I think there are ways around it. Tricky ways, mind you. One of the PCs
in my game once planned to go on a Lead Cross HeroQuest, travel to Death
Island in the East Isles (see ToTRM #17) and kill the undead Healers there.
I think they would qualify. IMO.

>Secondly. Once you have got yourself a Lead Cross won't it just
>end up in the tribal/clan/bloodline/temple treasury waiting for
>the next time.

Yes. This would surely be the reason it is in Plunder, by the fact that it
is an item you can just find.

>Do these things just fade away if not covered
>with Healers blood or actively used against undead ?

Don't reckon, but the idea does have appeal. To "reactivate" the Cross you
may have to kill a Healer to turn it back "on".

>Can the
>Tales crew answer why haven't the Lismelder done this quest a
>couple of times and solved their zombie problem a long time ago

I'm sure they could. My best guess would be one of the following, or a
combination of all of them. The Lead Cross Quest might be unknown to them.
Maybe the Crosses are buried with the Humakti who had it (in my game
powerful magical swords are always buried with their owners, so much so that
there is an entire plot of heavily guarded land of dead Humakti buried in
tombs each gripping a powerful magical sword ready to be plundered by those
foolish enough to risk it... : ) Also the Lead Cross HeroQuest alone is
rare, only popular in the First Age, and any known crosses would have been
destroyed by mortal agents of cults like Vivamort, Gark or Thanatar (not
mentioning Zorak Zoran!). So Lead Crosses are rare. Plus, if I remember
correctly, don't the Crosses force the undead away, but not destroy them
unless they have no way of escaping. So in the case of the Lismelder tribe,
it would guarantee safe passage from undead whilst in Upland Marsh, but mean
that you can't actually kill the undead 'cos it keeps running away from you!

>This applies to any HQ/super magic item surely. Unless the
>Hero who got it has to take it back on their death or after its
>use ?

I don't see any reason why once an item is created it should vanish just
because the creator is dead. There's always a far better reason the GM can
use to explain away such things : )


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