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Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 04:28:06 EEST

> Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 13:18:54 +1200
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> Subject: Pol Joni
> Chris Bell:
> Me>> The worship style of the Pol Joni is "Rune Gods" P&BR p60 thus
> >> I think it very unlikely they would still be using Praxian or
> >> even modified Grazer rites.
> >Cults of Prax also mentions that the the Pol Joni gave proper sacrifice
> >at the Paps, and were accepted by the Prax Gods as the 'bastard' tribe
> >of Prax.

> Perhaps you better furnish precise references for these statements.
> The 'bastard' is derogatory (and not even mentioned in Cults of
> Prax) as the Praxians hate the Pol Joni. Moreover Drastic: Prax
> states that the Pol Joni do not respect the sanctity of the Paps.

> (It does state they worship Eiritha but then Uralda was unknown).
> >I'd suspect that you'd find both Orlanth Wind Lords and Waha
> >Khans in the tribe.
> Waha should not worshipped among the Pol Joni as they defy his rules
> and covenant.

I believe the reference is mentioned in CoP (very very old reference), in

section that mentions Prax history, or Big Rubble. I'll be checking at (as most of the old CoP material is up there.) Could
anyone please check the old source material that has it? I could well be
but I was under the impression that the Pol Joni were *grudgingly*

and that the native Praxians would kick them out if they could, but that
somewhow *proved* (ie - Heroquested) that their animals and tribe were part
of the covenant. Can anyone point out the reference that details the battles
between the Pol Joni and the Prax Tribes at the founding of the Pol Joni? I
specifically remember reference being made to the spirits of Prax being
overcome by "Orlanth, and his God-Children from Dragon Pass."

"Cattle Bastard" is a term I remember reading in CoP, a reference to the
fact that
even though the Pol Joni may have observed the forms of worship and may be
marginally accepted in Prax, that their animals are not the "true" children

of Eiritha,
but adopted invaders, as the animal lines of horse and cattle can not claim
descent from Eiritha and Storm Bull. However, with their Lightbringer
Magics, the Pol Joni are too powerful to simply drive out. So, I imagine
that the Pol Joni are subject to
much raiding for slaves, although no red-blooded traditional Praxian would

eat *beef*. The slain animals are probably killed and laid out to rot,
without the Peaceful Cut.

I'd imagine that the Lunar-Supported Sables are slowly hunting down and
exterminating the Orlanth-Worshipping Pol Joni right now.

This brings up an interesting point. The Pure Horse People (presumed by me
to be invaders/immigrants from Pent) ruled Prax for about 100 years, yes?
I doubt they could have forced Pentan mythology onto the Plains of Prax

*entirely*. In fact, I'm under the suspicion that the Pol Joni did exactly
what Pentan invaders before them did...Heroquest their way into the
Covenant, allowing them and their mounts and herds to survive on the plains.
All the more reason for traditional Praxians to hate them.

Chris Bell


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