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Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 07:28:51 EEST

>At GenCon greg showed off the Covers of the first two books and the
>boxed set. He also stated that the rules and background books are
>in editorial hands now, and should still go to the printer in October.
>Some interior art is still needed I believe.
>On a related note, Wizard's Attic now carries the two covers for the
>first two Hero Wars books. They don't have numbers yet, but they are
>white, with full color pictures. One portrays Orlanth and the other
>is the Red Goddess. Both are battling each other for the middle air.
>M-XXL $18. Bigger $20.

At the risk of violating the "no me-too posts" rule, I'll step up and vouch
for these TShirts.
Pretty darn good looking.

Despite my dyed-in-the-wool Orlanthi sympathies, the pic of the Red Goddess
was just so darn COOL, well, I may be rethinking my sympathies.

Go ahead, call me superficial. Until you see the images...

- -Steve
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