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Joerg Baumgartner <>

Me>>>> This would mean there would
>>>> be some temples are at Filichet and Mirin's Cross.

>>>Saird will have at least one major Temple of the Reaching Moon - it
>>>should be the source of the "Six-Armed Goddess of Saird" summoned by
>>>Argrath to overcome Sheng Seleris.

>> Mirin's Cross is in Saird.

>Gosh. Any more shattering news?

Then why did you appear not to know this when you said that "Saird
will have at least one major Temple..." immediately _after_ I had
just stated that there would be a temple in Mirin's Cross?

>> It's also capital of the Provincial
>> Government so I think there would be a Temple to the Reaching
>> Moon there.

>Not necessarily within the city, unless - like Good Shore - it was
>founded around a TotRM.

Why not within the city? Just because the Tarsh Reaching Moon is
out in the open does not mean that they all have to be.

>> I think it runs from the Temple of Yara Aranis at Good Shore rather
>> than Glamour.

>Good Shore was only the second Temple of Yara Aranis. The first one was
>in Glamour.

Actually outside Glamour, according the Lunar Wane Chronicles.
Other sources (Genertela Book & Fortunate Succession) state
that Yara Aranis's birthplace was at Good Shore (GB p35) or
"a hut [...] on the river bank" (FS p62) that later has a house
and a temple built around it. So Good Shore is the first home
of Yara Aranis according to two sources.

>> Secondly the structure of the Glowline is more of a
>> web AFAIK than a rope around the Empire (mainly through Yara Aranis's
>> similarities to a spider).

>From the description of Glowline failures, it must be either a branching
>system, or have some sort of sequential order, to have Glowline failures
>anywhere except in the damaged temple's radius and outlying temples like
>the Tarshite one.

And does the Glowline fail anywhere else except in Tarsh? According
to the Genertela Book, no.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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