Glorantha Digest: Tarsh during the Hero Wars.

Tarsh during the Hero Wars.

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sat 14 Aug 1999 - 05:57:57 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>>>Not quite. If the Fazzurites would have been left in power, I'd cede
>>>your point [that Argrath invade Tarsh on behalf of the Fazzurites],
>>>but after the conquest, they cease to appear in history.

>> They "cease to appear" because after Mularik was appointed following
>> a foolish oath by Argrath, they 'dissented and raised honest
>> rebellion' whereupon 'Mularik crushes them with ruthless
>> mercenaries' KoS p130.

>> Given that this appears in the Composite History, which is largely
>> pro-Argrath, I think the words 'honest rebellion' demonstrate that
>> Argrath has a great deal of sympathy for them up to eight years after
>> the event.

>"Honest rebellion" may as well mean there was a field battle in which
>the Fazzurite elite cavalry was overcome by the Rokari elite chivalry.

Read the CHDP - this event has took _place_ after a brief war caused
by Mularik levying a tax to allow natives to hold office. It is
demonstrably not an event of the invasion of Tarsh or even a war
caused by Mularik's taxation. In any case, your "ceased to appear"
is wrong.

>The Hendart clan saga fails to mention the Fazzurites but gives
>several names for opposition to Mularik.

I really don't care much for your habit of assuming that if a
relationship is not explicitly stated then it can't be true. What
is wrong with Genedros and his allies being Fazzurites for example?
When Argrath hears about the Rebellion, he starts wishing for
Mularik's death which would be perfectly in keeping with them
being Fazzurites who Argrath fought for.

>Annotated Argrath Saga paints the conflict between the Fazzurites
>and the Phargantites as an anti-Lunar movement.

This is a late source and very unreliable. Or perhaps you
believe the statement that Argrath summoned Wyverns at

>Quite certainly the Lunar
>religion was neither a key factor nor a taboo to the Tarsh rebels in
>this civil war.

So why are you intensely nitpicking when I say that Argrath invaded
Tarsh on behalf of the Fazzurites?

>> Thus I think that Argrath did intervene on behalf of the
>> Fazzurites.

>He surely followed their invitation, but I really doubt that he ever
>intended to let them keep the spoils of that rebellion.

Whyever not? He only made Mularik Regent because he was forced to
on the grounds of a foolish oath.

>After all, the
>Fazzurite dream of their Reich overlapped 100% with his own.

So why does Argrath want Mularik dead after he crushes the Fazzurites?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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